Top Tips When Hiring An Asphalt Paving Contractor

Repaving an asphalt driveway is not something any homeowner is looking forward too. It is not only necessary but it is expensive as well. You cannot put it off and you cannot scrimp about the project. All you have to do is tough it up and hope for the best contractor. Choosing a quality contractor must be the main focus of any homeowner who just realized he needs to repave his driveway. Poor work can cause a number of problems such as pooling water in the garage or around the home foundation. The repair of a poor paving job can cost more than the actual replacement.

1) Be diligent in your research

Most of the time we hire the first company recommended to us by a friend or a colleague while their recommendations are not faulty, the circumstances of your needs may be different. Your friend may have a smaller driveway problem than yours, so that company can be perfect for him. Keep in mind your friends’ recommendations but also search the internet for more information about the Plant City parking lot paving companies. It is always better to shortlist three companies whose offers you can compare. Ask about their pricing, services, equipment, availability, and examples of completed work. If possible view the company’s work in person, so that you can evaluate their work on your own. Visit this site :

2) Avoid secret” methods of companies

Some Plant City parking lot paving company offer secret methods that will hasten the paving process that will be done on your driveway or parking lot. Be wary of such offers. Asphalt paving experts said that the process of pavement has not changed in 30 years. Some companies may use a more high-tech equipment. There is no new process that can be done on a driveway that needs paving. The general rule is: if the price sounds too good or is much lower than the other offers, there is a reason, so be cautious !

3) Choose a company that has references.

Whether you are getting the work done at your private or business location, you will want to see and/or talk with other customers. By physically being able to go to a property and look at the paving work done lets you see, first hand and the quality of their work.

4) Select a company that offers a free estimate on the work to be done.

If your home asphalt driveway or business parking lot needs to be repaved or paved for the first time, you will want to get different estimates so that you can make an informed decision. If a paving company is not willing to come out to your home free of charge to access your property’s paving needs, find one that will.

5) Choose a paving company that offers some sort of warranty or guarantee service.

This is added benefit will protect you once the company is finished with the work and drives off into the sunset. You want to know that you are welcome to contact here the asphalt contractor that did the work for you within a reasonable amount of time should a problem immediately arise with the work that was just done. If the company does not offer this, chances are they are not planning on being in business to be of service to you in the future.

Concrete Driveway

How to Resurface Your Concrete Driveway?

What will you do when your driveway becomes populated with pits and cracks of all sizes? The best way to fix this is to resurface the driveway. Usually, pits and cracks will develop in concrete structures if too much water was used in the mix or if it’s weakening. That said concrete resurfacing is only an option if your concrete is not cracking all the way. A concrete re-surfacer can be used to coat the slab which is usually a blend of polymer addictive’s, cement and sand that fills all the holes making the surface look uniform. Since the natural color of this mix is dark gray you should purchase enough to cover your whole driveway. A rule of thumb is a 40 pound bag for around 35 square feet of area. If you want to change the color simply add some concrete tint. Checkout my latest blog posted at

Once you have everything follow the below steps to resurface your drive way:

Step no. 1: Clean the area

Before you start resurfacing you need to strip your driveway of any sealers or paint. You also need to take a look at the weather report because temperatures should ideally be above 50 degrees for a good 8 hours and the temperature needs to be at around 20 degrees for the next 24 hours. This is why resurfacing is best carried out in the summer. Resurfacing shouldn’t take more than a day but once it is complete your driveway will look good as new.

Step no. 2: Blast dirt off the surface

Wear a pair of heavy boots with protective glasses prior to blasting off the driveway with high pressure water at 3500 psi. You can rent a gas powered washer for this task. Fit a 25 degree tip and hold it at around 8 inches from your driveway and turn it on. You need to clean the surface with slow yet even sweeps. The idea is to remove algae, mildew, and dirt from the surface.

Step no. 3: Mix up the resurface

Concrete Driveway

This is a very important part of the resurfacing concrete. While your driveway is still wet mix up the required quantity of resurfacer, then mix 1 part of water with around 7 parts of resurfacer in a bucket. Use a paddle mixer attached to a drill to mix it. Then fill all the recesses with the resurfacer and smooth it with a trowel. The next step is to apply this mixture to your driveway.

Step no. 4: Filling your driveway

You will need to fill the driveway’s joints using peel and stick foam and also dampen the concrete if it has dried already. You just have 20 minutes to apply the resurfacer so without further delay pour the mixture on to your driveway. Then start spreading the resurfacer until it is around 1/8 inch thick. If you want a slip resistant finish you will need to wait for 5 minutes prior to sweeping a thick nylon bristle broom on the newly resurfaced driveway. The weather-stripping can be removed after just 20 minutes. Then wait for 6 hours prior to walking on it.

How To Improve The Look Of A Driveway

Driveway design goes a long way to making a drive- but if you got stuck with something less than perfect, there’s a lot you can do to upgrade it without making the driveway cost too steep.

Why should I worry about driveway design?

Driveway design is a very neglected aspect of home design in general, with people writing them off as purely functional and forgetting that it’s also the very first thing that greet visitors to your home. A well designed driveway is a literal asset to the property, and if it’s made to integrate with your overall design well, it can even add value to the house.

What can I consider?

If you want to add a truly luxurious touch t your property, a circular driveway is always a hit. Reminiscent of old-world manor, it adds a touch of luxury with the function. It makes it easy to get in and out of the property without having to use reverse gear. It’s also physically imposing and impressive. Gravel can lend a similar upper class feeling, with the lovely crunch beneath the tyres lending an opulent feel while still being pretty cost effective if you use something like pea shingle. However, remember that these drives to need maintaining. The gravel will need to be supplemented every now and again and the surface raked to prevent loss of gravel.

What about concrete driveways?

One of the simplest as far as maintenance goes, concrete driveways can be a great driveway design. They aren’t really exciting, though, and you may want to spend some time plotting out a schematic that includes detailing, blocks or other breaks to the look, or add curves for pleasing visual effect. You can always consider blending it with a grass path down the middle. This saves a lot of construction material for any driveway, bringing the cost down. It will need to be a hardy grass, and of course will need mowing, but it can be a very worthy look. More details in this post:

Think geometrics

Another pleasant driveway design, particularly if you are fighting with unattractive broad driveways, is to use geometrics to add interest to the surface. Zig Zags, stripes, diagonals and more can all be attractive. Block paved driveways add a similar feel and are pretty easy to maintain. The bricks can also be lifted out easily if you need to do underground maintenance, clip roots or replace stained areas. It’s pretty easy to create individual style in both the layout and range of colours and sizes.

Lastly, don’t forget that a well-planned planting at the side of your driveway will do a lot to enhance the look of the drive overall, even if you aren’t in a position to do a whole new driveway design. Likewise, a new set of gates that properly blend with the overall architecture of the house will do a lot to enhance a dull driveway and make it more visually appealing.

There’s a lot you can do- from proper driveway design from the start, to enhancing features later- to make your driveway more attractive.

Landscaping Driveways - An Introduction to Design Considerations

Landscaping Driveways – An Introduction to Design Considerations

An increasing number of house owners are laying solid and hard surfaces over the front gardens. Low upkeep, easy parking, or just the latest trend  in lawn layout. Those are a few of the motives that people give for turning their herbal green areas into paved or concrete utilities. This harms the appearance of our towns and villages and has led to an important, and annoying, decline in lawn wildlife as a result. After this you can also visit our top article here.With increases in hard surfaces main to multiplied run-off of surface water, localized flooding also normally takes place.

Planning Permission

Even though you could now require making plans permission to pave over your the front garden the District Council have acknowledged that most of the people of these new, authorised paved regions are not landscaped. The tree-lined streets and leafy areas of the town and villages are being changed via great expanses of concrete and tarmac which do not admire the individual or look of your District.

Landscaping Driveways - An Introduction to Design Considerations

Why to Landscaped ?

Landscaping your paved front garden has many blessings. It:

  • Makes an attractive street and/ or region to live in opposed to a ‘concrete jungle’
  • Presents your private home with greater security and might assist lessen the hazard of trespassing, crime and vandalism to your property and vehicles
  • Encourages natural world returned into your lawn
  • Reduces surface run-off and flooding
  • Will increase the lessen enchantment of your private home and could enhance visible look of the property
  • Can provide privateness and screening from neighbours and public highways/rights of way.


A properly designed driveway can’t handiest provide you with the more off-road parking you require, but can additionally display screen and shield your own home and automobiles. Planting a hedge and/or bushes correctly and sympathetically allows to hide the parking location and automobiles from the view of adjoining residential residences or from the view from the public avenue. With the aid of selecting extra landscaping you’ll improve the look of your property and the street scene, increasing your home’s enchantment. The District council is aware the need for paved the front gardens to allow for safer, off street parking however we do ask that the works are carried out sympathetically. Landscaping your paved areas will display the concrete and driveway from public view so as to preserve an appealing district


The range of materials that may be used to create a useable driveway is now so vast that can make a landscaped driveway design may be very appealing. You click this link: if you need to know more. Normally both horticultural and panorama architectural elements are being mixed and this will encompass bushes, shrubs, vegetation, veggies, ornamental stonework, walkways, patios or screening. But, when landscaping your attention ought to accept to the driveway cost required and additionally whether the flowers/ foliage used are your round or seasonal. Further the substances need to be suitable to the region especially if your boundary is subsequent to a busy toll road; using loose materials including gravel may be beside the point because the loss and unfold of gravel from the power directly to the toll road could propose an unsafe avenue surface for different motorists.

Melbourne Concrete – 5 Magnificent Advantages of Decorative Concrete

There is no reason why you have to keep the same old traditional look to your concrete entryway, as driveway design in Victoria can now provide some visually stunning additions to the overall look and feel of your home. More than a few homeowners in the region have already seen the many benefits that decorative concrete can bring to the exterior of their home. Consider the following five advantages to determine how you can incorporate such a design strategy into your own home.

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Pros and Cons of a Stone Driveway

Stone driveways and stone walkways have been used for centuries yet the majority of homeowners still use the more expensive asphalt. Looking at the pros and consof a stone driveway can help make the decision of what material to use a little easier so you can find the right kind of driveway for your needs. It is also important to look at the type of stone and the maintenance needed in order to enjoy your driveway. Read More

Your driveway says more about your house

Did you know that your house is judged by the driveway? For those people who have a driveway from Driveways Australia, the process for getting an outstanding looking driveways was easy, due to XLAsphalt being very responsible, offering guarantees on all work and just generally being available when you need them. Anyway, you often need to renovate your fences, pathways or driveways to at least look smart. Below are tips and useful ideas on how you can renovate or even redo your driveway as well as other hard surface your home.

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How to Properly Repair your Asphalt Driveway

Asphaltdriveways are one of those building materials which can be hard to know whether you should love or loathe it. While it’s a great economical choice, it can be a pain to keep up if you don’t repair it properly the first time. Today, we look at some great tips for getting it right. Fortunately, it’s a pretty easy task to keep up your driveway design.

  • Square off potholes.
  • Remove loose material from the asphalt driveway.
  • Don’t seal too early, but do seal.
  • Seal cracks correctly.

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